Bucharest Food Summit


Bucharest - the central point of discussions about the industry and food security in Central and Eastern Europe.

COMPUTERLAND ROMANIA supports, as a Gold Partner, the organization of the BUCHAREST FOOD SUMMIT, a transdisciplinary platform for debating problems, solutions and business opportunities in agriculture, food, beverage production, retail, logistics and HORECA in Romania and South-Eastern Europe , with focus on financing, investments and efficiency.

This event carries the FOOD BIZ , with the following partners:

  • HORA – Employers' Organization of Hotels and Restaurants in Romania
  • Association of businessmen "Pro Invest"
  • ASPES – Association for Economic-Social Studies and Forecasts
  • economist

BUCHAREST FOOD SUMMIT is the meeting place between specialists, leaders and entrepreneurs who define the development of businesses in agriculture, HoReCa and food & drinks industries in Roânia.

Bucharest thus becomes the central point of discussions about the industry and food security in Central and Eastern Europe, which through analyzes and debates outlines solutions in these fields and responds to an imperative national and European need.

The topics that will be debated at the BUCHAREST FOOD SUMMIT 2018 cover critical aspects for the industry and food security in Central and Eastern Europe:

  • Financing models of farmers and entrepreneurs in agriculture, the food, beverage and HoReCa industries in Romania and Central and South Eastern Europe;
  • Increasing competitiveness and harmonizing the quality of services in the economies of the Danube Basin;
  • Technological developments in the construction industry of equipment and machinery and the impact on agriculture, the food and beverage industry;
  • Robotization, technology and the impact of artificial intelligence on the labor force crisis;
  • The relationship between Romanian producers and large retailers;
  • What will happen to subsidies for farmers after 2020?
  • The need to support Romanian farmers for the transition from production to processing, to obtain a higher added value.

The 2019 edition of the BUCHAREST FOOD SUMMIT was organized between November 12-14, 2019 and reunited the business community in the field, facilitating access to information, partnerships, networking and opportunities for sustainable development for the benefit of future generations. After the success recorded at the first edition of Bucharest Food Summit from November 2018, the 2019 edition positions itself as an event of even greater scope, bringing together important personalities from the business environment, academia, politicians, as well as important authorities from administrative structures.

Among the more than 50 speakers were:

  • Bogdan Marius Chirițoiu, president of the Competition Council
  • Dan Suciu, BNR spokesperson
  • Bogdan Constantin Neacșu, president of CEC Bank
  • Alexandru Potor, State Secretary, Ministry of European Funds
  • Alexandru Țachianu, State Secretary Ministry of Agriculture
  • Alexandru Stănescu, president of the Agriculture Committee of the Chamber of Deputies
  • Adrian Chesnoiu, general director of AFIR
  • Adrian Pintea, general director of APIA
  • Nicolae Istudor, ASE rector
  • Radu Timiș, founder of Cris-Tim

as well as well-known farmers such as Dimitrie Muscă, CAI Curtici and Gheorghe Albu, president of LAPAR.

The President of Computerland Romania, Mr. Nicolae Badea, participated as a speaker and moderator at the 2019 edition.

The 3rd edition of the BucharestFoodSummit takes place between September 21 and November 19, 2020.

The evening of Tuesday, September 22, 2020, was dedicated to " The role of the media in the integration and development of food and beverage production" in the context of the "New Normal".

The event took place at the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest, a prestigious institution that provides tomorrow's specialists for the country, those in whose hands the destiny of the agri-food and beverage sector in Romania will lie.

Mr. Nicolae Badea, CEO of Computerland Romania, Gold partner of BucharestFoodSummit.

"Informatics and telecommunications, digitization, professional electronics are today almost present in all material and spiritual nuances of our existence. The present challenges to which we are subjected, but especially the future ones, have led us to get involved as sponsors and communicators of solutions in this form of manifestation. I congratulate the organizers because they manage to organize this event with a lot of effort, initiative and with a logistics that we only see here as a result."

Next conference: 14 Oct 2020 (online conference)

"How we accelerate the integration of production and marketing in agribusiness"

The debate generators are:

  • Valeriu Tabără, ASAS President
  • Nicolae Badea, President of Computerland Romania
  • Sorin Cîmpeanu, USAMV Rector
  • Adrian Rădulescu, President, Romanian Farmers' Association
  • Alexandru Stănescu, President of the Agriculture Committee of the Chamber of Deputies
  • Nicolae Istudor, Rector, ASE Bucharest
  • Răzvan Teodorescu, Vice Chancellor, USAMV Bucharest

Additional information: http://bucharestfoodsummit.ro/