Continuous modernization of retail networks. Effort, success and influence on the national food and beverage production

Within the prestigious event BucharestFoodSummit, organized with the support of Computerland Romania - Sponsor Gold, there was a new round of heated debates between retail representatives and farmers, regarding the importance of selling Romanian products in supermarkets.

Thus, on October 29, 2020, starting at 10:30 a.m., the event "Continuous modernization of retail networks" took place at the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest. Effort, success and influence on national food and beverage production" moderated by Gabriel Biris, Founding Partner, Biris-Goran Law Firm and Bogdan Popovici, BucharestFoodSummit.

The event enjoyed the participation of Mr. Minister Adrian Oros, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, together with representatives of the major players of the retail industry, farmers, but also guests from the entrepreneurial and academic environment in the field.

From the whole event, the idea of ​​the need for the collaboration of small producers with the big store chains emerged easily, the latter being the ones that can come to the support of the entrepreneurs by offering the space to sell the products in acceptable terms and conditions.

However, Mr. Alexandru Baciu, who manages 2000 hectares of agricultural land, Baciu Farm and a slaughterhouse, considers that for many profile businesses retail is not a solution, because it is very difficult to deliver the required industrial quantities, without guaranteeing a correct positioning on the shelf.

In addition, farmer Baciu predicts that in the future there will be many convenience stores with Romanian products, opened even by Romanian producers, because we can talk about a continuously growing demand.

At the opposite pole, Mr. Mario Cretu, Corporate Affairs Manager, Carrefour, considers that cooperation between Romanian producers and large store chains is absolutely necessary, in order to promote Romanian products, giving some examples of projects supported by Carrefour in recent years: "Creste, Romania Bio", " We open Romanian Wine" and "Cooperativa Varasti".

Next, Mr. Paul Anghel, Director General, ANPC, drew attention to the need for increased quality of the products sold, it being important for Romanians to eat less and quality and not too much and bad. Therefore, supermarkets should knock on the door of producers and not the other way around.

USAMV Rector, Mr. Sorin Campeanu, continued the series of debates, arguing that in order to have the desired results, all forces and powers should be channeled into research, association and education.

Both Mr. Mihai Toader, Auchan Retail Romania Production and Sourcing Manager, as well as Mr. Valer Hancas, Corporate Affairs & Communication Director, Kaufland Romania and Moldova, also supported the point of view of the representatives of the big supermarkets, which is not always shared with that of the farmers, each having different interests and needs.

In conclusion, the Minister of Agriculture spoke, Mr. Adrian Oros, who raised the problem of subsidy hunters, drawing attention to the deficit trade balance and the low degree of commercialization of Romanian products., now in its third edition, is the largest and most important international autumn event in Romania, in agribusiness, food production, beverage production, retail and HoReCa.

This exceptional event, which takes place between September 21 and November 19, 2020, is organized in partnership with: #RomaniaFunctioneaza, FoodBiz, CEC Bank, Casa de Avocatura Biris - Goran, ASAS, USAMV Bucharest, ASPES, FIHR, ICDP-Maracineni , HORA, Agrostandard and the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.

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