International Congress of Pediatric Surgery

Congresul International de Chirurgie Pediatrica & WOFAPS Annual Meeting

"Education is the taming of a flame, not the filling of a vessel" (Socrates)

The Romanian Society of Pediatric Surgery, under the patronage of the International Federation of Pediatric Surgeons Associations (WOFAPS) and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences organizes in Bucharest, from 6 to 9 June 2018, the International Congress of Pediatric Surgery

“Integrated approach for better children’ outcomes – avoiding disability”

The WOFAPS Executive Committee decided to hold its annual meeting on this occasion. Renowned professors, members of this Council, will share their experience at Congress.

Given the challenges faced by physicians involved in providing optimal treatment to patients born with one or more congenital malformations, Congress will be an excellent opportunity to present the most modern methods of intervention. The scientific program will address a wide variety of issues and will provide a model of good clinical practice.

The opening ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 6, at 13:00, at the Crown Plaza Bucharest Conference Center, preceded by 4 hours of live transmission "Pediatric laparoscopic surgery in congenital malformations".

The basic theme is to avoid disability through an integrated child approach. Having a multidisciplinary subject, this Congress is attended by specialists in many medical fields: pediatric surgeons, obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatologists, orthopedists, family doctors, UPU doctors, anesthetists, radiologists, intensive care physicians, maxillofacial surgery and thoracic surgery .

More than 165 physicians (including 120 Romanian physicians) and 20 students in medicine will be present, along with them being invited, as lecturer,s 48 of physicians from abroad, exchanging interdisciplinary information with colleagues in the world being very important. Many of them are from Europe (Ireland, England, Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey), while others are coming from Asia (India, Qatar, Israel, Lebanon, Singapore, Hong Kong), America (Canada , Brazil and Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico), from Australia and Africa (Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Benin, Tunisia). A very useful exchange of ideas and topical information will take place.

În timpul cursurilor, sesiunile de demonstrații chirurgicale live vor familiariza participantii cu cele mai noi tehnici de chirurgie pediatrică. Programul va continua cu peste 50 de ore de prezentări, mese rotunde, ateliere de lucru, sesiuni de prezentare, întâlniri cu experți, simpozioane si postere. Se vor organiza sesiuni dedicate pentru terapie intensivă, neonatologie, radiologie, ENT si ortopedie.

COMPUTERLAND Romania Group has been involved as the main sponsor of this event, particularly important for increasing the quality of the medical act in the care of pediatric complex surgical pathology, especially congenital malformations.

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