The debates of the Food Intel Forum conference - III edition continue, with the participation of Computerland Romania

July 8 marked a new round of debates and discussions within the Food Intel Forum conference hosted by the Bucharest Academy of Agronomic and Forestry Sciences (ASAS).

We remind you that this conference brings together the most important representatives of the food and beverage industry, successful businessmen, top managers of academic education in our country as well as representatives of the banking environment and officials from the central authorities.

The Computerland Romania company has the status of a GOLD partner of this prestigious conference, being represented in the debates by Mr. Nicolae Badea, the President of the company.

The day's agenda, corresponding to the discussion panel, had as its theme "Alternative sources of financing for agribusiness - ASAS", and the debates enjoyed a special interest from those present.

The debates were moderated by Mr. Valeriu Tabara, president of the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences (ASAS) and former minister of agriculture, who emphasized the special importance of financing sources in the agribusiness field.

The co-moderator of the debates was Mr. Gabriel Biris, founding partner of the Biris-Goran Law Firm, and among the conference speakers we can mention Mr. Adrian Pintea, the president of APIA, Mr. Nicolae Istudor, the rector of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Sciences and Mr. Laszlo Borbely , state adviser in the Prime Minister's Cabinet.

It is important to mention that the event also enjoyed the presence of Mr. Varujan Vosganian, member of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania, who gave a speech on the theme "Financial Intermediation of Romania".

Food Intel Forum 3rd Edition, June 25 - July 14, 2020, strongly emphasized the obligation of farmers and producers in agribusiness, food production, beverage production, retail and HoReCa to associate and integrate to capitalize on Romania's exceptional potential.

The event brought to the discussion table exceptional speakers who spoke and faced the challenges posed by cutting-edge technologies, current problems in Romanian agriculture, but also about the importance of business integration.

We remind you that the Computerland Romania company actively supports the development of this prestigious event, ensuring GOLD sponsorship of the event.

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